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Spring Metrics and My Website

Last Updated: Feb 29, 2012 11:15AM EST
In this article you'll find the answers to some common technical questions our customers have about how Spring Metrics plays nicely with their websites.

My site gets a lot of traffic. Can Spring Metrics handle big sites like mine?
Spring Metrics is built to be very scalable. We have customers with hundreds of thousands of visits per month, and we have customers who are still in the beginning stages of growing their online businesses. We haven't encountered a site yet that we couldn't handle. If your site has over 1,000,000 visits per month, please contact us for special pricing.

Will Spring Metrics slow down my site?
No, Spring Metrics will not slow down your site. The core JavaScript is served off of a world-wide CDN, it’s gzipped down to less than 3k in size, and it loads asynchronously on your page. Your users will not notice a difference in speed with Spring Metrics on your page.

Is there a limit on page views, bandwith, etc.?
No. We built our pricing tiers around the number of visits you have on your site. If each visit involves only one page view or 50 page views, it makes no difference to your Spring Metrics pricing plan. Similarly, bandwidth has no affect on your Spring Metrics pricing plan.

What time zone does Spring Metrics use?
Spring Metrics lets you set the time zone that makes the most sense for you. After logging in to the application, click on "Settings" at the top of the page. Then click on the "Site Settings" link near the top of the page. In the Site Settings activity, on the right side of the page at the bottom, you'll see a drop down list that will enable you to change your time zone setting. If you have multiple websites, you will need to set your desired time zone for each website.

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