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How to connect your Bronto Account to receive Smart Lead Submissions

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2014 04:10PM EDT
With "Smart Leads", visitors submit their email address and other information requested in short form before they are shown a coupon/offer code.  The standard configuration is for CSV export, though with Email Service Provider integration we can side-step the need to do manual export/import with a few easy steps.

To get started, head to the Settings, then Site Settings page of your account. On the bottom of that page, use the Email Provider form to set up your Bronto integration:

Once you've selected Bronto: enter the necessary information to set up your integration,

1.  Login to Bronto,
2.  Click "Home" Drop-down and select "Settings"

3.  Select "Data Exchange"

4.  Highlight with your cursor the Production API Key, then do Ctrl+C or Clover+C (for Mac) to copy value:

5.  Back in Spring Metrics, paste this value into field as follows, then select "Update"

6.  Once successfully mapped, you will be presented with options for Mailing List, First Name and Last Name.  Choose the appropriate options for your account, the select "Update".

7.  Once successful, the customization fields will disappear and you'll be able to select your contact list from within the Smart Leads.

Last, head over to the Smart Leads section of your account to create your first email capture Offer 
(see article here).

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