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How to connect your iContact Account to receive Smart Lead Submissions

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2014 04:09PM EDT
With "Smart Leads", visitors submit their email address and other information requested in short form before they are shown a coupon/offer code.  The standard configuration is for CSV export, though with Email Service Provider integration we can side-step the need to do manual export/import with a few easy steps.

To get started, head to the Settings, then Site Settings page of your account. On the bottom of that page, use the Email Provider form to set up your iContact integration:

Once you've selected iContact: enter the necessary information to set up your integration,

1.  In a new browser tab (Ctrl or Clover+T), login to iContact,
2.  Click, "First install the SpringMetrics App on iContact link,

3. Add new password to API, THIS is the password you'll need, in combination with your login to access the API from Spring Metrics.  Click Save.

4.  Highlight with your cursor the API Key, then Ctrl+C or Clover+C (for Mac) to copy value listed ("Application ID"):

5.  Once the credentials have been updated, navigate back to Spring Metrics, add same username as the one you login to iContact with and the password you just setup for the API Key (your standard login key will not work for this integration), click Test Login button and, if successful, the boxes will shade green and your contact lists will appear in the drop-down:

6.  Choose your default list from the drop-down and click update.  Once successful, the mailing list will disappear.

Once updated, the List will be available as well under the drop-down in the Smart Lead Settings.

Last, head over to the Smart Leads section of your account to create your first email capture Offer 
(see article here).

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