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My offer is "taking over" my clients' mobile browser

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2015 05:31PM EDT
A common question we receive is "Why does the lightbox position take over my mobile device?"

(Click here to see steps below to make a mobile friendly offer).


As the lightbox position is not a “mobile friendly” position, we recommend always adding a target rule for Desktops, laptops and tablets (this is under the heading “Device types”), then cloning the offer and changing the position of the clone to banner and updating the target segment to mobile so that the same offer will display for mobile browsers (but in a position that doesn’t take over the screen).


As a general rule, we also recommend only using the Lightbox position (on offers that do not provide coupon codes) to capture emails (Smart Leads) or hyperlink to pages within the site as once the lightbox is closed it cannot be retrieved.


The best way to correct this is to do the following:


On the current offer:

1. Edit the offer,

current offer edit

2. Add a new rule

3. Add rule (under Device type)

Select rule for Desktops, laptops and Tablets

4. Save the offer 

To make a mobile friendly version that targets the same traffic:

1. Clone the existing offer 

2. Change rule (under Device type) from Desktop, laptops and tablets (from original offer)... Mobile devices only

3. Advance to Step 2

4. Click "Position" on the side

5. Change Position to Top-side banner (this is the 1st position that shows a little cell phone icon on the position)
6. Click Save (either activate or as draft)
5. Save the offer (either as draft or activate)


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