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Where'd my stats go?

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2015 12:17PM EDT
Having trouble seeing offer stats on the Smart: Offer | Leads | Social tabs? Try these suggestions:


If your offers data appears to show the "Collecting data..." message (like pictured above), this may not actually be an issue if your offer had only previously been enabled and is awaiting the 1st conversion to be recorded.  If you have been running an offer for a while though and know there are stats, this could be the function of the filter settings on the tab.

At the top of each "smart" tab in your account, the above "Filters" button appears with the "Sort by" field on the far left.  To reveal previously acquired stats on offers, you will need to click this button to access the date range setting and extend the reported date range beyond today (the most frequent cause of this issue).

On the right side, move the date filter to the right (This Week, This Month or set a Custom date range),

Then click "Apply" at the bottom to update the offer metrics date range:

Once updated, the stats will appear (provided there are stats available within the date range you've selected).  You may need to update to Custom and play with the actual date range before the stats become available but this approach will help (with some fine-tuning) display any accumulated data on offers that have run.

Once filtered, use the "Sort By" drop-down to re-order your offer list in order of "Created At", "Impressions", "Revenue" or "Conversion Rate":

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