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How to Choose Who Will See Your Offers

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2014 04:15PM EST
When you create a Smart Offer with Spring Metrics, the first step is to choose who will see your Offer. Below is a list of some common examples.

Note: If you add multiple triggers as conditions for your Smart Offer, a visitor to your site will see the Offer only if they meet ALL of those conditions. In other words, our system uses AND logic between conditions, not OR logic. (If you would like to implement "OR" logic, contact the support team for assistance.)

Note: By default, each Offer is designed to follow a visitor around your site, from page to page. However, this can be turned off on our back end so that the Offer only shows on a single page. Contact the support team if you wish to implement this behavior.

Visit Count
  • All visitors
  • First time visitor
  • Repeat visitors
  • Visit number is exactly ... x
  • Visit number is not ... y
  • Visit number between ... w and z

Conversion History
  • Has ever converted
  • Never converted
  • Not converted this visit

  • Lifetime revenue greater than or equal to ... x
  • Lifetime revenue less than or equal to ... y
  • Lifetime revenue between ... w and z
  • Average revenue greater than or equal to ... x
  • Average revenue less than or equal to ... y
  • Average revenue between ... w and z
  • Visitors from ... Direct
  • Visitors from ... Paid
  • Visitors from ... Search
  • Visitors from ... Social
  • Visitors from ... Twitter
  • Visitors from ... Facebook
  • Visitors from ... Email
  • Visitors from ... Google Organic
  • Visitors from ... Amazon
  • Visitors from ... Yahoo Organic
  • Visitors from ... Bing Organic
  • Visitors from ... Other
  • Visitors from ...
  • Exclude visitors from ... Direct
  • Exclude visitors from ... Other
  • Exclude visitors from ... Social
  • Exclude visitors from ...
Trigger Pages
  • Visitors landing on page ...
  • Exclude visitors landing on page ...
  • Visitors hitting page ...

  • Keyword contains ... spring
  • Keyword does not contain ... metrics

Prior Activity
  • Tweeted via Offer in the past
  • Not Tweeted via Offer in the past

Device Type
  • Mobile devices only
  • Tablet devices only
  • Desktops and laptops only

  • Geolocation is ... Raleigh, NC, United States
  • Geolocation is ... OR, United States
  • Geolocation is ... Canada
  • Time on site greater than or equal to ... 30 seconds
  • Time on site less than or equal to ... 30 seconds

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