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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2014 05:10PM EST
Can visitors see multiple Offers at once?

No. Visitors only see a single Offer during any visit.

What happens if someone qualifies to see more than one Offer at once?

If someone qualifies to see two Offers at the exact same time, our system randomly chooses one of those Offers. Keep this in mind as you build a hierarchy of different Offers for different segments of your traffic! 

Can I include links inside my Offers?

Yes! To make text inside an Offer link to a page on your site, simply highlight the text you wish to make into a link, and then click the chain-link button in the text editor. (If you have an image that you want to make into a link, it's a bit more tricky. Contact us about this.)

Can I run an unlimited number of Offers?

Absolutely! And actually, we encourage you to run multiple Offers at once. Our most successful clients always run at least three to four Offers at any given time, and they're always rotating new Offers with different segments and discounts for testing. Check out our Smart Offers Guide for some new ideas.

How can I customize the appearance of an Offer to look like a native part of my site?

Here's a tutorial that explains how to upload your own images and use them as Smart Offers on your site. 

What should I do if I can't offer discounts?

Whether due to margins or a tough MAP policy in place, not everyone can offer discounts on their store. But no fear! - you can still use Spring Metrics and get great results. A few starting points are (1) using Smart Offers to advertise great programs that you run (free shipping, free returns, fabulous customer service, etc), (2) direct people to certain products or categories that you want to push more of, (3) collect email addresses or increase your social media presence, (4) give away a product catalog or small gift ... and the list goes on.

Will everyone who converts use a coupon code?

Most likely not. We've found that about half of the visitors who purchase while seeing an Offer will actually use the coupon code. As to why half of visitors purchase without using a freely given coupon code ... it's a mystery. But in a strange way, it saves you money (and that's a good thing!).

Can I use unique coupon codes?

Not at this time. Everyone who sees the Offer will see the same coupon code. In order to prevent codes from spreading across the web too quickly, we recommend that you change the coupon codes inside your Offers every 1-2 weeks.

How can I prevent mobile visitors from seeing Offers?

If you'd like to prevent your mobile visitors from seeing an Offer, simply add the rule "Desktops and laptops only" to the Offer. This will prevent mobile and tablet visitors from seeing your Offer (on both full versions and mobile versions of sites).

How do the Offers appear on my store?

We provide you with tracking code to place on your site (we'll tell you where to put it, too). The code does two things: (1) it tracks analytics data about your visitors, and (2) it makes Smart Offers appear to those visitors.

Why can't I use some of the conditions when I'm creating a Smart Offer?

If you're a new Spring Metrics customer, you may notice a message telling you that certain trigger rules are grayed out. Certain rules (like "Never converted") don't mean very much unless the Spring Metrics system has a good history of your sales data.

Well, when you first start up with Spring Metrics, we don't know anything about your customers. So, we take one week to track their data and learn more about them before granting you access to powerful rules like "Never converted". That way, when you do use those rules, you can harness them and get the most out of it.

What happens if I reach my visits quota in a month? Do you stop tracking?

We'll send you an alert. If you take no action, the dashboard will stop showing new data until the next month. At any time, you can upgrade to the next plan and start receiving data immediately.

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