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I can't see my Smart Offer on my site.

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2014 11:27AM EST
Having trouble seeing a Smart Offer on your site? Try these suggestions:

Check to see if the Spring Metrics tracking code is on your site.

If the code is not on your site or on the page you're testing, no Offers will appear. The tracking code is a prerequisite to seeing Offers. Right click on your website's home page, choose "View page source", and in the source code search for "springmetq". If no results appear, then the code is most likely not on your site.

If the code is missing from your site, you can find your tracking code here.

Check to see if JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

Our tracking code is written in a language called JavaScript. Most internet browsers have JavaScript turned "on" by default (meaning the browser will read JavaScript code on a web page), but you always have the option of turning it "off". When it's turned "off" on a browser, Smart Offers can not appear. Learn how to enable javascript on different browsers.

Check to see if your browser is automatically clearing cookies after it closes.

Some browsers allow you to automatically wipe all cookies upon quitting the browser. This means that each new browser session starts you off with no cookies saved. If that happens on your browser, you'll always look like a "First time visitor" to the Spring Metrics system, so keep that in mind if you're testing a Smart Offer designed for "Repeat visitors". Learn more about auto-clearing cookies in different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE.

Still not seeing your Smart Offer? Try the following test:

1. Leave your site, but dont close the browser. Going to works.
2. Clear all cookies from your browser.
3. Close your browser.
4. Open your browser, and go to your site in such a way that you meet the criteria to see the Offer.

(Note that the above test does not work for "Repeat visitor" Offers.)

If you're still unable to see the Offer, email us and we'll help investigate for you.

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